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Maggi Rapid Matic V5

: 165/75-R14, 165/80-R14, 185/65-R14
€ 100,01
The V5 chains is the quality traditional model proposed by Maggigroup for commercial vehicles, Jeeps and SUVs, with 16 mm encumbrance and 4.5 mm chain link.
The chain is properly tensioned through tension ratchet with return block and hand chain.
The chain must be re-tensioned after the initial installation.
V5 is stored in a spacious plastic box.
Suitable for Suv, 4x4 cars, Vans and Campers.
Easy to use internal latching device.
Made of self fastening sheared metal sheet, it ensures a simple latching and unlatching operation even in the worst weather conditions.
Self-locking tensioning system which ensures optimal contact between chain and ground.
The chain features straight links.

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