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Maggi THE ONE SUV & 4X4 114

: 195/80-R14, 235/60-R14
: 175/75-R16, 175/80-R16, 195/65-R16, 205/55-R16, 205/60-R16, 225/45-R16, 235/45-R16, 245/40-R16, 255/40-R16
: 195/70-R15, 195/75-R15, 205/65-R15, 225/55-R15, 235/50-R15, 245/45-R15
€ 130,02
The One & 4all are chains based on a patented and proprietary innovative technology that foresees the interposition of ball-shaped elements among the chain links to create a self-tensioning effect.
This technology is combined with elements such as levers and tightening discs, already used in the past, but reviewed and re-interpreted to better serve the new technology.
Compared to mechanical self-tensioning systems, THE ONE & 4ALL ensure simple operation in any condition, they are resistant to corrosion and safe when operated, since they do not boast metal return devices.
The One 7 for cars rappresents the best solution to fit on the vehicle that require reduced encumbrances (only 7 mm on tread and 7 mm on cable).
The special level with added tightening discs and elastomers allow the self-tensioning on the tyre and guarantee a safety driving on the road.
The new conception chain is provided in a clever design box.

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